Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Diamond Heart

Just before I went to sleep the other night, I saw two cloaked figures just above me and around me, working on me.  They told me that my guides were leaving and I was receiving new ones.  This was news to me, I love my guides.  I asked if some could stay and it was granted.  One in particular whom I love so dearly that I cannot imagine him gone from me.

As they worked on me, I felt so much light in my heart and my eyes and it was so wonderful.  I began to travel throughout the universe and the lightness of being overtook me and opened my heart with so much love it was overwhelming.  I felt so peaceful. 

The days have gone by and I have not received any other information until last night.  I started to worry that I would be alone and I have felt empty and devoid of anything until the arrival of them last night.  I was laying in bed and suddenly, they spoke to me again.  They told me about the diamond heart and showed me what it was doing to me.  It was so glorious.  I saw the most beautiful diamonds every where and they were brilliant green! 

My new guides danced all around me and showed me the way.  They led me through so much information that I cannot possibly write it all down but I can feel it and share what it feels like in this now.

I should go back a bit and explain that when you meditate, you most always see a vibrant violet light that pulsates over and over.  This is called going through your third eye and it's quite wonderful in of itself.   As you lie there and relax, your whole body is filled with love and light and you can feel it throughout you.  It's so relaxing and peaceful.  

But as I lay there last night, they explained that the green diamond heart replaces the violet light and it made me sad for a very brief moment but not for long because the green light was mesmerizing.  I felt so much love inside and around me and it would not go away.  I opened my eyes quickly and closed them again and there it was.  It surrounded me and just gave me so much love and hope that it is all going to be all right for all of us.  I played with the diamond heart light all night and did not sleep much but I do not feel the worse for it, on the contrary, I feel alive and well today.

Finding the diamond heart inside of you is vital at this moment because it will keep you grounded, allow you to connect with those you are meant to be with and to radiate that love from you and into others. 

I feel this happened to me so I can tell you about it and help you find it.  Just ask for your diamond heart and watch it happen.  I know it will work because they told me and I trust them.  I know they were masters and I know they were helping me to open up another aspect of myself so that I can help others open up the aspects of themselves.  It's so simple and yet, so absolutely wonderful.

When you mediate, just ask that your diamond heart be opened and that you receive the green diamond light and let me know how you did with it.  What a rush!

I still feel a little sad at the departure of my old guides but I guess they were done with me and I with them and it's time to move on to greener pastures.  It's all good and I trust.  I always have.

I love you so much and I truly desire that you find it as I did.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Elections, Elections, Elections

Well, good morning.  It's been a long time since I have written but I think today might be a good one. We have just finished our British Columbia election and apparently the Liberals made it in again.  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?
I feel that we are here for a good reason.  We must focus on our own energy rather than what is going on around us.  Let's look at our own issues, work to heal them and watch the rest of the world improve itself.    Spirituality is a personal journey and life is a spiritual journey.  How do we apply these into our day-to-day lives when turmoil is all around us?
Firstly, close your eyes and visualize that you feel peaceful and serene, tell yourself that you are peaceful and serene and breathe deeply several times.   Doing that every day is a good start.
The elections in our province, country or world are indicative of what we are feeling inside of ourselves.  If we feel upset and worried about the elections, it indicates that we, too, are upset and worried about ourselves.
Inner peace is a long journey and it requires dedication (just like a job or being a spouse or a parent) and it requires you to look deeply into yourself on a daily basis and decide what might require tweaking today or tomorrow or even in that moment.   It's about being aware of what you are feeling and why at all times.
If you feel upset, start visualizing that you are not and that you are a whole, complete and healthy person in all four of your bodies and start projecting that energy outward and all around you.  Watch your surroundings start to change and watch your reality start to bend to your will. If you don't like what an elected official is doing, send loving energy to them to help them with good decisions and love infused political policies.  They won't know you are doing it but they will appreciate it beyond your wildest imagination.
The political arena is all about competition, one-upping another, slinging mud (there was a lot of that) and trying to prove yourself to the lions in the actual arena.  Not a good place to be in my modest opinion.  I would rather chew my own arm off than join in that group of people.  We criticize them, berate them and generally hate them for what they do in our province and yet, we seem to need them. Why not send them love and know that they receive it on a deep level?
Anyway, another election has happened and it really did not change our world, only we are capable of doing that.
I send you a lot of love and light and blessings for a wonderful day.
I love you so much

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Happy October
This is a beautiful day.  The wind is blustering and blowing all over the place, the leaves are blowing everywhere and it's just glorious.  I love this weather being cooler and crisper and it's a time of finishing the summer harvest in the garden.  Such a good feeling when you look in your freezer and on your shelves at what you have accomplished from growing it yourself. 

It's also getting close to the time for quiet introspection and meditation.  It's all about self-healing and paying attention to what you require to make your life whole.  Wholesome foods and good thoughts are one way to start your path to healing.

What do you ingest into your body?  Ice cream?  Chocolate?  Wheat?  Sugar?  MSG?  Trust your feelings about what your ingest and learn to listen to your body as you do ingest these foods. 

What is your environment like?  Are you using soaps with Sodium Laurel Sulphate?  Are you using natural shampoo, dishwasher soap, hand soap, laundry soap, cleaning fluids?  Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body and the more natural you make your environment, the healthier you make your body. 

Pay close attention to how you feel when you are exposed to chemicals and what they are doing to you and those you love. 

Making these small but very significant changes to your diet and your environment can improve how you feel and it can even make you take weight off.   It can give you energy and help you to sleep more deeply at night.  Those afternoon naps may leave and help you to feel robust and exuberant about life.  Eating those foods and being around those chemicals can even cause depression because you are overstimulating your body.

If you could even just contemplate what small change you could make to your life and your home you would notice a positive outcome very quickly.

Think about it.
I love you soooooo much.
Julie Severn

Saturday, 8 September 2012

September Saturday

Good morning
It's early in the morning on a beautiful Saturday in September.  I am watching the morning out the window and I am enjoying the change in the weather patterns.  The sun used to be on my sundeck first thing in the morning and today it's shady.  The sun has changed position and soon we will be getting ready for the fall weather to set in and cool everything down.

Fall is a time of getting ready for winter, learning to enjoy the time indoors rather than outdoors, getting the canning done and just preparing for the cold weather to come.  It's one of my favourite times because I see the fruits of our labor in the garden and now I prepare to can and put up everything that I can possibly do.  It's a really satisfying feeling knowing that you grew it, canned it and ate it all winter.  I just love it.   I am truly a homebody who loves to put everything on the shelves and look at it all winter, eat it and thoroughly enjoy what I have done. 

It's also a time of being alone more and enjoying that quiet time by yourself, learning how to meditate and just quiet the mind because there isn't anything pressing to be done when it's cold and snowy outside. 

It can also be a time of enjoying the company of your friends when it's cold out because there isn't much to do outside during the cold seasons.  So we visit inside and we laugh and we cook together and feel wonderful about it.

Look for people in your life who are spiritually minded as you are and you will find satisfaction on the cold winter day in discussing your inner knowing with someone who agrees or sees it their way and there is no wrong way.  Laughter, spirit and company are three things to thoroughly allow into your life in the winter because it is your way of entertaining yourself and your friends throughout the cold weather.

Make tea, steep it and sit down and drink it knowing it is good for you and it heals your body and spirit.  Such a great time to learn about different kinds of tea and what they will do for you during your winter when your immune system requires some extra boosts.

Love each season for they offer something different, each of them.  They offer opportunity to broaden your horizons and allow a different energy in.  Love yourself for trying something different this year.

I love you
Julie Severn

Saturday, 21 July 2012

More on Anxiety

Good morning
It's a beautiful Saturday again and I am sitting here thinking a lot about what to say so I decided to share about what I feel about anxiety.  I feel it is a symptom not a disease and it is quite powerful in that it masks what is wrong in a huge way but it also shows us what to look at, if we dare.

Anxiety is a deeper rooted problem inside the emotional body are waiting to be freed.  Anxiety frees the deep rooted issues without the person having to deal  with the emotions that caused it in the first place.  It's like a one way door that allows the person to allow the unresolved emotions to come out but stops the persons from  going over the edge.  Many feel that medication can help the deep rooted problems but they act as a bandaid to cover the pain and scars and thereby stop them from healing altogether.

When we choose to open ourselves to our emotional body, we allow our feelings to unloose and free us to heal.

We are basically spiritual and emotional beings here in a physical body.  Our mental body goes along with the other three bodies and it's never  it's idea as to what is happening inside us or around us.

The mental body never makes the decisions unless there is imbalance in the bodies and the emotional body is heart based and when it feels unsafe, the mental body takes over and causes the body as a whole to follow its lead.  Its not an easy road because all of humankind, especially the scientists and doctors believe that the brain and the mental body should be in charge. In all of
History and humankinds challenges cry out for the emotional body to take over and lead us back to our heart centers.

We are so heart oriented that mental imbalance occurs when  we don't listen to that part of us.  Our heart is our guidance, our salvation and the best part of us.  We deny that part of us when trauma happens and we damage ourselves but not as irreparable as we think it is. 

Once we  open the heart centers we we can allow ourselves to heal all four bodies  and learn to listen to our hearts.  We are so full of feeling when we are born and time and negative experiences  make those feelings go away.  Where do they go?  Do they leave forever, never to be found again?  Do we play hide and seek with ourselves indefinitely? 

Yes, because we are so powerful that we can hide from ourselves for as long as it takes for our emotions and heart centers to come out when they are ready.  It is all about being ready to feel safe enough to allow our emotional body to begin leading the way again.

Severe  trauma (your interpretation only) is a catalyst for you to hide from yourself until you are ready to come back out into the light without fear or the pain overtaking you to the point you cannot return.

The mental hospitals are full of poor souls who cannot allow themselves to open up and so they stay in there, fully medicated and continue to run from what they are feeling and what they truly desire and require to jump the hurdle of their own minds.

That hurdle can be insurmountable when you cannot see anything but darkness, danger and emotional trauma all around you. 

The doctors and scientists have spent all of their time researching the mental body and they think that they are in the right track by prescribing medications to people with anxiety and post traumatic stress and it covers up those unsafe and painful feelings.  It's completely okay to do that as long as you desire and if it makes your world feel safe and yet,anxiety and depression still come through when  you feel stress and fear.  It's easy to mask those cellular feelings but  they never really go away and they will take power over you until you decide to take power over them.

The unfortunate part about the anxiety releasing the deep rooted problems inside is that those emotions come out inappropriately and run rampant throughout us they cause imbalance in the four body system.  We feel overwhelmed and cannot handle the way those emotions release and we automatically define those feelings as a bad thing.

Our growth or lack of growth throughout the years also defines us as we age  and how we deal with our emotions are ingrained in us through our human bonds and family ties.  Our families teach us how to behave, how to hide what is inside us and to deny our power because they don't know any better.  It's not that they made a mistake, they were taught that as well and so the pattern continues and goes on until we jump off the ride and stop the cycles.
I love you sooo much
Julie Severn

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer Energy

Well, so far I am having a great summer.  It's beautiful, we're swimming in the pool every day and I am not doing a lot of cooking.  Not because I am lazy, but I am so hot.  It's a good hot though because it means that the weather is purrfect.  Did I tell you I am a Leo and I love those sunshine days where the sky is endless and it's warm beyond anything you imagine. 

I do look forward to going out to the lake for a camping trip with my grandbabies but that's because it's great bonding time and we enjoy ourselves immensely.  It's the best and I won't give it up for the world.

I have been on an emotional healing tangent these days and I am so glad that I have been doing it.  It makes a great difference in one's life and allows us to go on without all the extra baggage we carry with us.  We don't realize what we are carrying but when we feel our backs and our legs and our hips and even our shoulders, we might notice.  How much pain are you in?  Is it bad?  Did you know it's not personal injury but just emotional injury transmuting into physical pain because you did not pay attention to it and it managed to niggle its way into your body? 

There are many ways to fix this, the first one being, fix your stuff and make it go away.  Easier said than done?  Not at all.  Easier done than said. 

I will be doing a workshop in Maple Ridge on September 22, 2012 and it will be all about emotional healing and I invite you to attend if you dare.  We're going to have fun and laugh our cares away and play a bit with emotional garbage.  Why not come and see what you might learn to help yourself?

I love you soooo much.
Julie Severn

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Happy Sunshine

Well, we went to Vancouver to visit friends and had a wonderful time.  The weather was gorgeous, the food was great and the company was awesome.   So good to have friends that you can relax with and enjoy without feeling as if you have to be on.  It's nice to be with people who feel the same way as you do and that you can discuss anything and just be.  What a gift.

This summer is beautiful and peaceful and spending time with friends around the pool is the greatest and we are looking forward to spending time with as many people as possible during this good weather.  The vegetable garden is huge and we are eating out of it and the flowers are blooming with such joy at the sunshine.

Spend this summer with your friends and enjoy it as much as you can because you will not regret it.  We spend too much time working and not relaxing and just being with people we love.  We have to remember how important that is and make sure we do it as often as possible because it's too easy to forget and just stay by ourselves. 

I plan to spend this whole summer having a good time and relaxing and swimming as much as humanly possible.  Thank you God and humankind for such a great planet and such a great life.

I love you.
Julie Severn